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How to change dns server

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I am on a TPG fttb plan and using the tpd modem of tp-link vr1600v, I just want to know how can I configure the dns server.


I changed it in LAN setting but it's still the on the status page.



Hello @zanecat,

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Once you accessed the modem/router page.

Simply go to 'Advanced' and click on 'LAN settings' and scroll down you will see the option where to change DNS settings.

Please see screen shot below for reference.

DNS-tp-link vr1600v.pngDNS-tp-link vr1600v2.png

Let me know if there is anything I can help.


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 Hi Shane,


That's exactly what I did, but it doesn't work.




The WAN DNS Server is immutable, @zanecat.


By changing the LAN settings any device connected to the modem will get those DNS settings when they get a DHCP lease (in this case and


Please check the DNS configuration on your computer by typing "ipconfig/all". You should be able to see and as the DNS servers.


Let us know if we can be of further assistance. Cheers!

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Thx Shane. Worked for me.


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On your router go to advance-network-lan settings- primary DNS. Change it to Then save. Then reconnect all device wifi to let change take place

Thanks for sharing this information and @shalvinvaran. We have experienced an unplanned outage affecting all of our customers. Affected customers has experienced difficulty accessing internet, TPG My Account and using home phone services.

Our Network Engineers has been immediately engaged and resolved the issue. Customers should see services progressively restored as the restoration continues.

Let us know if you're still having issue with the service, cheers!

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Its possible to use both TPG and GOOGLE DNS servers.  If one fails the other is a back up.

leave the primary DNS server setting as    it will take the default given by TPG

and make the secondary DNS server setting  

then press save ( maybe you have to reboot the modem as well I dont know, then reboot pc)

the result is  from