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How to enable VPN using L2TP protocol on Huawei HG659 Modem

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Hi TPG community,


My current PPTP VPN connection keeps dropping out. So I'm trying to set up an L2TP connection. How do I configure my Huawei HG659 router to allow L2TP VPN connections as I can see it's disabled?


Here's the L2TP settings on my router: L2TP Settings.PNG


I'm not sure if I need to set anything in the IPsec or Tunnel drop downs below the L2TP settings. If you think I do I'll post images of that too. Please advise.

Thank you. Smiley Happy


Hi @TestMcGhee,


Welcome to the community!


We do not support L2TP feature of modem. I advise to contact your VPN provider and use their provided software client provided.


Let me know should you require further assistance.