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Huawei modem with ADSL - no 5 ghz, not happy!

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Why oh why does TPG supply a modem (Huawei HG532d) that cannot run 5 ghz? 


I am very very disappointed that the modem supplied is only 2.4 ghz. If I was aware, I would have thought twice about taking on a TPG package.


I can only think that TPG is cutting corners by going for the cheapest possible model to bundle with its plans. WIth the amount of wifi noise around today, and the increase in ultra HD streaming products, surely a dual band modem would have been the bare minimum!


Not happy TPG! 


Hi @cliftonsmith


Welcome to the Community!


We're sorry to hear that you feel that way about the modem you received from us.


The ADSL modems are provided free for customers so they can start using their ADSL service once it's installed. Since the WIFI functionality is a feature of the modem, customers have the option to buy their own modems or add a WIFI router if the one we supplied doesn't suit their needs.