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Kindle paperwhites won't connect to wifi router

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Hi We recently had problems with both phone and internet - a bit of a saga: With help desk help I reset the Huawei HG 659 router. That sorted the phone and connections for our tablets and my wife's laptop. I had an wifi extension that connected to my desktop - but it stopped talking to the router. I ended up buying a usb wifi stick and that sorted my computer. Next our smart TV wouldn't connect and sorted that by buying a set up that uses the houses wiring. That leaves our Kindles (Paperwhites) - the kindles search for but don't find our router. Any ideas?


Hi @ifege01 

I never used a Kindle 
But in saying  that I  assume, they have a WiFi  list, like most  wireless devices. 
can you check  the wireless list  on the Kindle and then ignore it. 
Then try to reconnect  to the default WiFi  name ( SSiD)  of the HG659 Modem's wireless