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Limit Bandwidth on individual users with Huawe HG659 router

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I live in a house with several people and over 10 devices connected to the same wifi, is it a way to limit bandwidth for some of the devices ? 

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I use to do this at home because my kids watch too much youtube and netflix.


There should be a bandwidth control under Internet Tab

you may want to configure the IP reservation as well should you wish to properly control on how much bandwidth each device can use

Huawei Bandwidth control.png

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Thank you for reply, however I couldn't find the "bandwidth conrol" tab, could it be the problem of the firmeware?

This is my "internbet" page, seems different from other people's.

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Yes could be firmware.

what is the firmware of your modem?


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The Limit bandwidth feature of HG659 modem/router do not work as we have optimised it's firmware setup to complement our specifically configured modem settings.


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Hi Shane,


I would also like to limit some users on my network, but don’t have this option on my router firmware either. Can you please help me to do that?