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My TPG modem not working on my property

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Yesterday afternoon, I called 131423 many times and waited for hours with no response.
My neighbour and I have signed up for NBN but was not able to get an internet connection for weeks. 
On 27/4/20, my neighbour's technician came to try fix the issue but had no luck.  
On 28/4/20, my neighbour borrowed my TPG modem to test and it worked on their property (the internet light came on).  I then tried their modem and it worked on my property.  We both have different ISP and plan.  I would like to use my modem and connection. 
Someone must have stuffed up the connection during installation as I believe our lines are switched. 
Can someone please give me a call to rectify this issue ASAP?
Thank you very much 🙏 

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Now I would like to cancell my TPG service, can you please HELP??? because I did not get a service what I have paid for.

My problem / issue is very easy to be solve by contact NBN Co to switch the lines between my neighbour and I.   I can confirm that my neighbour is using my phone and internet line. 

On the 2/5/20, I asked my neighbour to contact me by using a telephone on their landline and it appeared that it's my property landline number, hence why I am unable to use my internet on my property with my TPG modem.