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NBN FTTC not connecting

Level 2
My NBN has suddenly stopped working about 2 days ago.I tried turning the power on and off and resetting the device but nothing has worked.
Power light = Solid Blue
Connection light = flashing Blue (sometimes it will flash red before starting to flash blue again)
DSL light = off
LAN light = off
Please help.
Level 2
Sorry, I have tried connecting to another phone line in the house but same problem.

Hi @4867828 


Welcome to the Community!


We've managed to locate your TPG Account using your Community details and have then tested your connection. Our tests is showing a failing status on your internet service which indicates a possible issue with the NBN lines. We have raised this issue to our Engineers for them to have NBN Co investigate the problem.


You will receive an update from our Engineering team as soon as feedback is available.


Level 2

Thank you Mel, any idea on turnaround for a response?


Hi @4867828 ,


Assessment usually takes 24-48hrs. We've seen that you have been in contact with our Engineering team and advised about the appointment schedule on Monday, 20 January 2020, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM. Your attendance is needed.


Let us know should you require further assistance.