NBN50 Speed

Level 2

I have been a TPG ADSL customer for many years.

When NBN was available in my area I signed up with TPG for the NBN50 and was provided with a modem.

For some time now my speeds have been slow - very slow - and many times there is buffering when watching yutube etc. Many web pages take long to load too and also timeout.

I called and spoke to TPG last week about this and today I was visited by a technician.

After some time (1 hour) he informed me that the modem is faulty and that I will have to purchase a new one if I wanted continuation of service. In the interim he left me with another modem (not a new one) and said that "see how that goes and if speed is better call TPG and ask to buy this one"

The speed im getting on this modem is 18.65 download and 13.36 upload!

It is obvious that there is something more wrong than the modem.

I must also add that this technician was not really helpfull and complained about the quality of his own laptop - provided to him by TPG - and at times did not seem to be sure about the problem. His solution was a faulty modem which in view of the replacement one performing just as poorly says otherwise.

I would like to ask this, what would happen if I do not wish to purchase another modem from TPG do I still have to pay for the service? I do not have confidence in the modem supplied and wouyld be reluctant to invest in  a new one. Can you please privide me with TPGs policy on this and also what the consumer protection act has to say.

In any event Im currently just as worst off as before and have no idea what the next step may be.




Michael Asims