NCD has not arrived

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Today my AC1600 Wireless modem was delivered to me but my NBN Network Connection Device didn't come with it. When will it be sent to me?


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I was able to check your NBN order and from what I can tell, your address was classified as Service Class 24 by NBNCo. This means that there has been a previous NBN service on the premises, therefore, the NCD wasn't required to be sent since it should already be present at your location. That being said, I can see that you've spoken to our Provisioning Team earlier today wherein it was discussed that the NCD is missing and that there's a possibility of the previous tenant taking the equipment with them by mistake. As such, it was agreed upon that a new NCD will be requested to be sent.


Once you receive the new NCD, please refer to this guide on how to set up your devices: NBN FTTC Setup - General Setup