NCD has not arrived

Level 1a

Today my AC1600 Wireless modem was delivered to me but my NBN Network Connection Device didn't come with it. When will it be sent to me?


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I was able to check your NBN order and from what I can tell, your address was classified as Service Class 24 by NBNCo. This means that there has been a previous NBN service on the premises, therefore, the NCD wasn't required to be sent since it should already be present at your location. That being said, I can see that you've spoken to our Provisioning Team earlier today wherein it was discussed that the NCD is missing and that there's a possibility of the previous tenant taking the equipment with them by mistake. As such, it was agreed upon that a new NCD will be requested to be sent.


Once you receive the new NCD, please refer to this guide on how to set up your devices: NBN FTTC Setup - General Setup