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Nbn constant downloading

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I've recently had my adsl connection changed to nbn fttn. In the following days my connection began constantly downloading for 24hours at a time and consequently used all ym download allowances for the entire month in about 10 days. In the 4 years Prior to this I had not even come close to my downlaod limit. Tpg technical support could offer not help or suggestion other than changing my wifi password. So I changed my wifi password and disconnect all devices from the modem and still for the following 5days something has been trying to connect and download consistently for 24 hours at a time. So I logged into my modem and looked at the log and it seems as though some VoIP call as been trying to connect consistently. I was not told anything about needing to connect a VoIP phone and from my understanding I don't need to have one if I don't want one but I seems as though this has been the problem but I have no idea how to fix it. It also tells me that it was nothing of my doing that caused my data allowance to be used for the entiratey of this month in 10 days. I've attached a copy of just one of the pages and pages of logs that I have from my modem so you can see what it is doing. Could someone from tpg please get in contact with me asap to correct these problems. Thanks
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Hi @Pvitiello89 Welcome to the community, until someone from TPG can verify your situation I can tell you that the log on your VR1600v is totally normal, it will authenticate with the VOIP server every 5 or so minutes, the data used is only kb's and would be insignificant in the scheme of the data limit. It would be polling for a server that can handle the current traffic so it would always be ready for use.

 It's more likely to be something else like an android device doing updates, even a single speed test would likely use more data than a month of VOIP handshaking.

 Have you or other users been streaming video etc?

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Hi, as I said nothing has been connected to the modem for sever days now and it seems to still using down loads. See the new picture attached for the months usages. Also note the time of the data being used as consistently 11:53pm. We've had no devices with auto updates on either.
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Hi @Pvitiello89 This may help, try logging onto the VR1600v, go to: advanced>system tools>traffic monitor. It will show the traffic throughput on the entire network.


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