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Need Help Buying A New Router, Suitable For My Needs

Level 3

Hello, I need someone a little tech savy to respond here please.

I've tried calling numerous times and only been able to talk to completely clueless reps who have no clue what I'm talking about. Sales team had no idea about the hardware specs and forwarded me to tech department, but the tech department wouldn't deal with a sales enquiry so they sent me back to sales who had no idea how to help me with my enquiry...
I need a router that has good user/device control, and I've heard that TPG pretty much never support routers other than what they have on their "list". So I need help from TPG to get a router that is supported for my TPG NBN connection, and that gives me the device control I need.

Here are my needs for the router:
1. The ability to allocate bandwidth limits for each device connected to the router.
2. The ability to put time limits on each device (so that they disconnect automatically at a certain time).
3. NAT control (ability to change NAT between "Strict", "Moderate", and "Low").
4. Preferably something that I can access "ROOT" for the router. The current router I have (A Huawei model) has locked out ROOT so it is impossible to log in to it. I can live without this option though if it doesn't exist.
5. Bonus points if it gives lots of control over various other aspects of the network/router settings.
Note: If there is no such router that TPG supports, I will be moving on to another ISP. Period.