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New modem hasn’t been arrived yet

Level 2
I have installation on Last Tuesday 05/02/2091 to new home but to connect the internet need new modem which hasn’t been arrived yet. Whenever I called to customer services they said it will take 2-5 working days. it’s been more than a week and still no modem has arrived. It’s really frustrating. when will it arrive ??

Hi @shadowsgal5


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I can only imagine how frustrating your experience has been. It's a good thing that I was able to pull up your records using your community details because it allowed me to check for the modem's delivery status.


Based on the records of Startrack, they attempted to deliver the modem yesterday but there's no receiver. Your modem is currently available for pickup at the Post Office. I also sent you an SMS providing the location where it is held and the consignment number.