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None of my devices connects to 5GHz on VR1600v

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I have been with TPG since July 2018. About a month ago I noticed 5GHz dropping out. TPG technician visited and said router was malfunctioning due to a firmware upgrade. Connected a spare ASUS that I had and left. Replacement VR1600v arrived and same issue. 5GHz works for a few minutes after a reboot and then doesnt. I can see the SSID at all times. Incorrect password error comes up. I've tried changing channels to non DFS. I've tried factory reset. No luck. Two replacement routers same issue. 

TPG now tell me that everything looks fine at their end ! WTF !! 5 iOs devices and 2 WIndows devices all have the same issue ! And this has begun only since a month. 

Any solutions or should I just give up on TPG ?


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