Nothing works

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So it took almost 1 month for the modem and the nbn connection device to come, once it came, I installed it myself as I don’t wanna wait another 1 week to someone to come, then, it took almost 4 days until I got an email saying my wifi has been activated only because I had to go and ask them to activate it otherwise maybe I wouldn’t have it activated until today, anyway then for my surprise after it finally activated I saw that nothing was working, no internet and no signal at all, everything is plugged in the right place, wifi activated but is the same as when it wasn’t activated, the internet light is also not on, I have been trying to fix this problem for 1 and half week already, talked to about 10 technical people here but nobody does anything, can someone please send someone to my house to fix this problem in person, otherwise it will take another month or 2 for me to have internet. Thanks

Hi  Hollimama,

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I can see you have been already assisted by one of our team member and there is already appointment booked to tech visit.