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ORBI AC2200-RBK23 & ORBI AC3000-RBK50

Level 2
I have very little knowledge in technology. However heard that both AC2200-RBK23 & ORBI AC3000-RBK50 were really good.

I will be moving into a new house next month and wanted to know when I choose a NBN plan with TPG, can I use the ORBI as the main modem/router instead of buying a modem from the internet company?

And if so, is it simple?

Hi Acemolina,


I recommend you to check some ORBI forums about the performance.

I saw some customers are using this device as router and TPG device as bridge so you can keep the phone service.


You may need to do a bit of research if you need to customize your mesh network..

I am just need to remind you that TPG does no provide support on third party device


Good luck