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Orbi RBK23 connection time FTTP

Level 2
I would like to connect my own Router (Netgear Orbi RBK23) to replace your router provided. I have an NBN connection box inside my house (FTTP). Is the orbi compatible with my NBN? Can I just directly plug it in the nbn box? What are settings I need to put?
Level 4

Refer to this:


Main point:

-VoIP will not work

-Set VLAN ID 2

-Connection type PPPoE

-Need your TPG username and password


Additionally, you can plug in TPG supplied modem to the NBN box and then plug your Orbi to the TPG supplied modem (any LAN port). You may want to disable WiFi on the TPG supplied modem and set your Orbi as the access point.


This may be helpful: