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Printers offline following nbn connection

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nbn installation went without a hitch yesterday,  No problems experienced with wi-fi code and password for both computers. Informed that it mayn take up to four days before landline connection is finalised, yet it was up and operating first thing this morning.  However, now find that both printers are offline.  Any suggestions as to what has occurred or what else needs to occur?


Hi @johnnjen,


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Are your printers, connecting via Wi-Fi? Have you tried reconnecting it to the new network?

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can you help me connect printer on wi fi after nbn connection


Hi @AInglis6265


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Connecting a printer to the wifi network is basically the same as when you're connecting a laptop/mobile to the wifi network wherein you have to look for the wifi network and then type the wifi password. Getting to the wifi settings of the printer though, is at times, what's proving difficult.


However, if your printer has WPS functionality (you may want to check your printer's manual to confirm), you can use it to connect the printer to the wifi modem instead.

  1. Enable the WPS function of the printer (refer to your manual)
  2. Within a minute or two, push the WPS button on the modem.

Let us know how it goes.