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Security Concern: TPlink Archer VR1600 remote

Level 2

To help me resolve a technical problem TPG recently accessed my TPlink router to conduct a remote factory reset.


Obviously, I trust TPG to remotely access my router to trouble shoot technical problems when they arise. What I don’t trust is having this ability to remotely access my router always turned on as a potential attack vector.


 To switch remote management off when I’m not requiring TPG support requires access to the default SU (Super User) password on my TPG supplied router.


Can someone from TPG please urgently contact me so I can obtain this default password and disable remote management until I need it.


One more point, please don’t tell me there is no SU password because I know there is.


(Side point: I had this same issue with my TPG Huawei router and I had to log into the default Root password to fix it that, which also supposedly did not exist according to TPG tech support)


NOTE: There are serious Cyber security concerns with keeping these remote management ports open (and its not ok from a trust, transparency and Privacy security perspective that TPG does not disclose this to ALL customers upfront and give them the option to accept, reject or alternatively be able to disable this feature when not needed.