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Setup settings for D-Link Cobra ac 5300 on TPG NBN FTTC

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I am connected to the TPG NBN FTTC using the supplied Modem, being a TP link ac 1600. I would prefer to use my D-Link Cobra AC 5300, as it has much better Wi Fi . I have contacted D- Link who have provided settings. It seems to connect, but the Wan lights on both the D-Link and TP link just blink continually.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Graeme


Hi @Graeme,

Welcome to the community!

You can use your D-Link Cobra AC 5300 as a Router Extension by simply turning on the router's DHCP settings.

We have answered the same queries before you can simply visit this link below.

Are the Tpg routers DHCP compatible?


Let us know how it will go.