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TCL smart TV wont connect via ethernet

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Hi hope someone can help me.


I have a TCL (50P6US) smart TV that won't connect to the internet via the ethernet. Yes, it should be able to and I have followed the simple instructions that came with the TV. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

I am using the TPG supplied Archer VR1600 modem. TCL TV is connected to the Archer modem via a network switch. I have a bluray player that also connects to the modem via the same network switch and it has no problems going online.


The TV basic Network menu shows the TV is connected and gives its IP address, however it won't go online, and when the Network menu self checks the connection it reports: Connected to intranet successeed, Connection to internet failed, network fault - please check internet.


The TV ethernet menu allows me to set Proxy and IP Settings.

What do I need to enter or change?

Currently, Proxy (choice is None or Manual) is set to None and IP Setting (choice is DCHP or Static) is DCHP. These settings don't get the TV online.


The Proxy option Manual, requires me to provide a valid proxy hostname (ie., where do I find what name to put there?


After giving the valid proxy hostname it will ask for a Proxy Port (ie. 8080) where do I find what Port to use?


For IP Settings, the options are DCHP or Static, do I need to change to Static as if the TV was a fussy printer? And place the TV in the Archer IP & Mac Binding list?


Has anyone already fixed this problem? Would really appreciate some help. 







Hi @Rod 

If the current DHCP option is not working for your T.V try to use Static.

However, we need to know the if your network switch host the DHCP on your network.

Can you please check the IP address of your other device that is connected to your switch.

is it 192.168.1.xx or 192.168.0.xx?



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Thanks for your reply.

As far as I know my network switch doesn’t host the DHCP. The Archer VR1600 modem software does. The modem lists it self having DCHP enabled and DCHP Server is also selected. IP version is IPv4.


If I change the TV IP Setting to Static and give it an IP address, in the modem software do I allocate the same IP address to the TV’s Mac address in Network, Advanced, Address Reservation or do I use the IP & Mac Binding list (Security, Advanced, IP & Mac Binding)?


I changed the default IP Gateway of my network to something less common than the standard 192.168.1.xx after joining TPG. The device therefore lists a different pattern of numbers xx.xx.xx.x
The IP address is set to automatic, so the modem provides the IP address.
Is my IP Gateway/Primary DNS address the proxy hostname I need?

Any thoughts on what Proxy Port to use after changing Proxy option to Manual?


Appreciate your help





Hi @Rod,


Have you tried to isolate the switch and connect your Smart TV directly to our supplied modem/router?


We only provide basic troubleshooting on how to set up a Smart TV. This is to avoid any connection issue in your local network/devices.



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Sometimes, older posts hold valuable insights that can help, and technology doesn't always change dramatically in a few years.

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I understand it's been a while since the original post, but technology can sometimes be a bit timeless when it comes to troubleshooting. It might still be worth checking for any archived articles or discussions related to similar TV and modem issues.