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TP-Link VR1600v - NBN HFC - VoIP confusion

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Good evening All,

I am new here and NBN is quite a new concept to me so please excuse me if my questions sounded a bit silly.


Today I have my NBN up and running (it is a HFC connection) and I was planning to get a new modem/router to replace the TP-Link VR1600v that I received from TPG.


However after I have done a bit research it seems that if I have to connect my phone to the modem (I assume this is VoIP that was bundled with the Internet package) then the VR1600v from TPG is the only modem that I can use.


Can you please confirm with me if this is the case. I was just planning to get a better modem/router with faster wifi speed, without losing the capability of using my landline.


If I insist on getting a better router, is it possible to do so? Like connect it to the VR1600v via LAN?


Thanks a lot for your help.




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Hi @bckw81 Welcome to the community, basically you need to have the supplied VR1600v as the authenticating device for the bundled VOIP phone feature to work, if you bridge the VR1600v you lose VOIP routing.

If you need to expand the WiFi of the VR1600v you could use another router in access point mode (DHCP disabled) and ideally connect it via LAN, also consider a mesh WiFi system for even better coverage.


Hi @bckw81,



We’ve optimised the setup to complement our specifically configured modem settings. We provide the modem for all our NBN plans as they are sold as an Internet & Home Phone Bundle. As the Home Phone component of your bundle is encrypted for security, you will need to use our modem if you are to make and receive phone calls. Our modem is also pre-configured for internet access.

Some customers who do not use the home phone component of our bundle sometimes prefer to use their own NBN compatible modem. If this is the case, then our after sales support team can provide you with the settings required to configure your 3rd party modem with the settings required to access the internet.


Let us know should you require further assistance.