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TPG ASUS AX11000 setup

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Hi Guys,


I've recently swapped my Netgear AX80 (easiest TPG setup, just enter username and password without messing around with VLANs) to Asus AX11000. For the past 5 hours, I've been trying to set up my new rig with TPG NBN. 

I can set up the ASUS router using initial setup that includes TPG as an ISP option or with VLAN ID 2 and PRIO 0 under LAN>IPTV>Internet settings. For some reason unknown to me, I cannot connect to the net! 

Does anyone know if TPG  has changed the VLAN ID for ASUS routers from 2 to a different number or is blocking ASUS routers?


Any help would be appreciated.




VLAN 2 is the correct VLAN to connect to the Internet but it seems you are configuring this under the IPTV settings area and under the LAN port.

You need to configure for VLAN 2 under the WAN settings.

My example shows the default VLAN being 0. You would set yours to VLAN2 and leave 802.1P default.

Hope that helps.




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Thanks peter_k for your reply.

My setup is differetnt to yours, you are converting one of your lan ports into a wan port by assiging VLAN2 to work with TPG nbn. In your case you can use VLAN2


My router RG-AX1100 comes with 2 wan ports that cannot be assigned a VLAN2 as apparently ASUS reserves VLANS 2-10 for system usage!? This pretty makes the router unusable with TPG/iiNET nbn.