TPG Changes

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I have a NetGear D7800 and have been using this device with no issues for 5 months, as of Wednesday night 8:40pm the Internet light turned red. I assumed that it was a TPG outage but then connected the original TPG Modem/Router and everything worked.

I then thought it was the NetGear D7800 so the device was replaced with a new one, i have set it up exactly the same as the old one and still cannot connect to the internet.

Have TPG made any changes recently to stop the use of non TPG supplied equipment?

ID: 3690682








TPG does not support third party devices, however I know some customer are using their own device.

If this was wokring it can be some sttings on the new one or even firmware.

We do not have flooding issues with that kind of fault so I presume it is on your device/config

Have a look, thanks