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TPG NBN FTTC third party router i.e. Apple Airport Extreme 5th Gen

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I was wondering if TPG allows third party router, such as Apple Airport Extreme (5th Gen) to be used with NBN FTTC technology. For example, can I connect Apple Airport Extreme directly to the NBN connection Box without the TPG supplied router? If so, what's the recommended mode to be used, i.e. DHCP or PPPoE, etc?





HI @yickfeisun,


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You can use any NBN VDSL2 Compatible modem for your NBN FTTC service. You need to use the PPPOE mode and make sure that you configure the modem with the correct TPG username and password.


We'd like to set your expectation that your  NBN VoIP service will not work as it's only provisioned on the TPG supplied modem.


Let us know should you have further queries. Thank you

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Apple Airport Extreme is designed as a Router only with NO VLAN.

It will work fine with NBN FTTP as it doesn't require VLAN Tagging but it will not work for any other NBN or Fiber Technology that requires VLAN Tagging.


What you can do is plug the Apple Airport Extreme to the TPG supplied Router and configure it as a regular router. Configure Internet Settings with Connect Using DHCP

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Thanks for the reply.


So turn off the wifi feature on supplied TPG router, and connect the Airport Exteme to the TPG router, and use it as a WIFI router would be best workaround in my situration?


There is any high performance third party router that support VLAN tagging, and can be used directly to the NBN Connection Box?



Hi @yickfeisun


As was mentioned by @2fly, you can't connect a router directly to the NBN connection box. For NBN FTTC, it is required that you use an NBN VDSL2 compatible modem.


So yes, if you prefer to use the wifi functionality of the Airport Extreme alone, then you can simply turn off the WLAN settings of the modem that you'll get from us.



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Sorry, I meant to ask if is there any alternative modem/router that I could purchase to replace the supplied one? From what I can gathered, the supplied modem/router is TP-Link Archer VR1300v, I was wondering that if a different model from TP-Link, or perhase a different brand does the same job, which connects directly to the NBN Connection box/device.


Hi @yickfeisun


As long as it's an NBN VDSL 2 compatible modem, internet should work after configuring the settings properly. Here are the settings that you will need:


Connection type: PPPoE

PPPoE Login:TPG username

PPPoE password: TPG password



I would suggest that you try to confirm with the Sales representative whom you'll speak to if the modem you'll purchase is actually compatible for NBN FTTC or not


And just to set your expectations, the home phone service will not work with a non-TPG supplied modem. The phone will only work with the modems we supply.



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Thanks everyone for suggestions.


I have managed to get it working for now. I have configured my Apple Airport Extreme in bridge mode to the supplied Tp-Link modem/router, and turned off WiFi radio signal on the Tp-Link router, as previously suggested just use the WiFi features on Aiport Extreme. This probably is most straightforward configuration without changing much of the settings on the supplied modem/router. I will try and see if I can get the Airport Extreme to do DHCP, it probably requires more setting change on the supplied router.


Hi @yickfeisun


Thanks for letting us know. I'm glad that it all worked out for you.


Feel free to drop by again if you need further assistance from the community.