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TPLink Archer VR1600v wired devices unable to connect to wireless devices

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I have a Raspberry Pi operating as a pi-hole connected via ethernet to my VR1600v. I have a static IP set for Pi (


I also have a powerline ethernet wifi extender setup in the main area of my house, as the FTTN NBN input is poorly located in the house.


Devices connected to the wifi extender show up in the router interface as wired clients (as expected) due to the powerline ethernet. These devices are able to ping the Pi and the pi-hole functions correctly for them.

Devices connected directly to the router via Wi-Fi are unable to ping the Pi - pinging gives a "Destination Host unreachable" error. These devices are also unable to access the internet as they cannot get DNS from the Raspberry Pi.


How do I ensure wired clients can connect to wireless clients?


Hi @jezzthorn ,


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We do not have information what causing Wired Clients unable to ping the the powerline ethernet wifi extender or on how to set it up. But you may try to visit this thread.


In the event that you required more assistance we highly recommend to contact the manufacturer support to avoid mistroubleshooting.