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The NBN HFC network connection box Swap program & what it means for you


To support network capacity and to meet future system upgrades NBN requires some HFC (hybrid fibre co-axial) customers to use the latest version of HFC connection box before the end of 2020.

This equipment upgrade is the next step in improving the experience of the NBN network in some areas.


How will I know if I am part of this program?


Customers who have the older version of the connection box most likely signed up during or before 2017 and have the older style connection box which look like the image below.











If you are one of these customers, NBN will identify it and will communicate with you directly.

If you are part of this program, you will receive a letter and a self-install kit for you to swap the connection box yourself.


What is the process for this program?

If you are one of these customers NBN will initially send you a letter to advise you about the connection box change and a few weeks later they will ship you your new connection box.

You will need to follow the instructions included and perform the swap yourself. Changing the connection box should take approximately 20 mins to complete.

For an overview of the connection box installation please visit



What if I need some assistance with changing the connection box? Who can assist me?

If you require assistance or you are experiencing any difficulties with your service, please contact the TPG Technical Support on 1300 997 271 and we will be more than happy to assist you.

What happens if I don’t upgrade my NBN connection box?


If you don’t replace your NBN connection box, you may experience periodic service performance issues in the future. In some scenarios your service will stop working.


What if the swap doesn’t work? Will my service stop working?


It takes approximately 10 mins for the new connection box to connect to the NBN network. If you follow the instructions and your new box isn’t working you will be able to plug in your old box but we would need you to contact our technical support team on 1300 997 271 and report the problem so we can arrange a replacement box to be sent to you.

Level 6

I have one of these old connection boxes and I switched to NBN in December 2016. About a year ago I received a letter from NBN Co advising me of a change in the following weeks but nothing happened. Based on what you wrote, I may be a prime cadidate for the swap program? Unless of course NBN Co has ticked me off as having received the new box already!

By the way, during the past few weeks, (days in particular) I have been experiencing a lot of NBN outages, the latest lasting from about 15:45 (Thursday 13 Aug, just before someone in the house was scheduled to have a work-related on-line meeting) until ... well, I gave up and switched off both modems before going to bed. The next day things were back to normal.

Level 6

I have just been to the nbnco website and I noticed the following:

“We’ve now launched self-installs for eligible premises across both our FTTC and HFC technologies to help minimise the need for appointments,” says Moj Salehi, Executive Manager FTTC at NBN Co.

To find out if you're eligible for self-installation, please check with your phone or internet provider.


My question is: am I eligible for self-installation, and how can I request a new connection box?


We'll look into this further and revert to you once an update becomes available. Kindly await further updates within 24-48 hours. Thank you.

Level 6

I have received the aformentioned letter from NBN today, so, no need to look into this and thanks for your offer of help!