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Upgrade Modem Security

Level 2
I was wondering how to upgrade my Modems security it is the HG-659, I can’t seem to find it on the AI life app.
It is currently WPA2 and I would like it to be 3.

Hi @net72,


The modem do not support WPA3 wireless security. Do you get a pop-up message about Weak Security? If so, here is what we can do, simply update the WIFI security settings on the modem/router's page.


To prevent the message from coming up the you need to change the WiFi settings of the modem/router to use newer more secure encryption.


You may simply change the WIFI settings like the image below this should eliminate the error message popping up to your Iphone's screen.



Note: some older devices that do not support WPA2 may no longer be able to connect after making the changes.


More details can be found on the Apple website:


Let us know should you require further assistance.