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VOIP Cannot hear caller but they can here us

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Hi All,

We are setting up a VOIP phone handset in a clinic.  The VOIP and handset is non TPG.


When we make a call or receive a call we cannot hear the person on the other end.  We have tried across multiple phones and even with a softphone to take the physical hardware out of the equation.  Our phone company said it is probably TPG blocking.


What can we do?


The phone calls and is able to dial out.


We have tested the local handset ie making sure volume is up and have swapped out the handpiece just in case this was the issue

We have tried speaker phone as well

We know these phones were working before the change on another VOIP system

We have reset the handset twice

We have tried reboots.

We have tried a softphone and the same problem exists

We have disabled any SIP ALG FW options


Hi @Bagzz ,


Let us help identify the issue affecting the VoIP service, could you send us a PM with the account details to proceed with the initial investigation?


How to send a PM?