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WAN port utilisation on TP Link VR1600V

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Hi there

NBN has finally become available in my area and is being connected to my place today!

I have the TP Link VR1600V modem that was supplied by TPG all ready to go

As we have FTTN, we must use the VDSL port on the modem, which means that the WAN port will not be utilised for any connection.

My current/old ADSL2 modem was also FTTP compatible so also had a WAN port which could be reconfigured to be an extra LAN port if needed so was wondering if this was a feature we could configure on the VR1600V?



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Hi @Ozwolf Welcome to the TPG community, I don't believe you have that option on the VR1600v I've seen the option to use one of the ports as WAN or LAN on some models but not this one.

If you're short of LAN ports you can always disable the routing and wireless functions on your old router and use it as a simple switch, you could also just buy a 5 port Gigabit switch for under $20 at most computer stores.

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Thanks @orbistat very much for the welcome and for the info!

Was trying to be sneaky and avoid the need for another device but may have to spash out a lobster or two for that extra switch

Aprreciate your help Smiley Happy