What's wrong with TPG

Level 2

I have to share this. LOL


- New TPG device now comes with passwords that take about 15 minutes to input :-)). For both the router/modem and the network. You know, <S3hdi!mW3fjk4%sdRwEt42. That's GENIOUS!


- Message to welcome you to TPG community comes straight to junk folder (Do you, guys, need help with mail security setup?)


- But this tops it all:


For both network and modem admin password you are not allowed to use 0, 1, I/i, L/l, O/o. WTF? Humans are going to self-destruct, I am telling you...



P.S. Since TPG transferred to Vodafone the wireless broadband signal is much much worse. Sometimes to the point of constant dropouts and disconnections.



Hi @sashka ,


Let us help check the connection of the service. Could you provide us with a brief summary of the issues to help us better understand the situation? Also send us a PM with your details via PM.


How to send a PM?