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Wifi Issues on Archer VR1600v

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Only connected the router and service 3 days ago and all has been working fine up until now. During the middle of the day for no apparent reason both the 2.4 and 5ghz wifi bands have stopped working and only appear on wifi scanlists of my various devices for a few seconds intermitently.


I've tried reseting the router to factory defaults and many reboots

I've tried mutiple phones and a laptop and all devices have the same issue.

The 2.4ghz and 5ghz wifi indicator lights are lit up as they are supposed to be on the front of the router

I tried changing the wifi security and mode settings and it didn't seem to make a difference


My desktop computer is connected directly via lan and has no issues what so ever.


Hi @josephclarke333,


Welcome to the community!


This unusual wireless issue may caused by Wireless Interference.


  • Router Placement Interference

    Modem/Router Location will affect the coverage area and WiFi signal strength. It may cause intermittent connectivity, delays in connection and data transfer, slow network speeds and poor signal strength.

    Optimal placement of Modem/ Router central to wireless network intervening walls, floors , heavy furniture and electronic equipment may minimized interference. Allowing maximum signal and speed

  • Wireless Blockage And Materials

    Physical obstacle affects wireless communication range and speed.
    The materials used in the construction also matter. It can make the connection more difficult to establish and cause slow network speeds.

  • Interference By Other Equipment

    Even if the devices are not Wi-Fi related they maybe working on the same 2.4 or 5 GHz frequency. Examples are Bluetooth devices cordless phones, baby monitors. Also such appliance as microwave may be generating the radio frequency noise and as a result the network may be slower or disconnects.

  • Wireless Channel Congestion

    If the Wi-Fi networks around are using the same channel freq then it will cause interference If more than one network is using the same channel, there will be a  bandwidth issue. Apartment are prone to interference because more WiFi networks are overlapping and probably using same channels.


Good signal strength could be a good indicator that wireless connection has less interference. You may check that device signal strength on each location inside the customer premises. This will help you determine dead spots and slow zones.

If your modem/router has internal antennas make sure to use them on natural orientation. It is recommended to point one straight up and one flat out. By pointing the antennas on both ways we can maximized the radio signal reception.


We did an article that you may find helpful, this will guide you on how to improve your wireless connection at home. See links below.


Let us know how it will go. Cheers!