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my current modem whilst being used by a person on a computer near the modem has no problem but when i go to bed and want to watch my tablet I find the single drops off even with extenders installed.

 My question is this does TPG have a stronger modem that will eliminate this problem or can someone suggest a fix, please.

Thank you 


Hi @johnb1919 


Currently, we're only providing TP-Link modems for NBN service.


To better understand how we can improve your WIFI connection, can you provide us the following:

  1. The approximate distance between the modem and the room where you're having connection problems.
  2. The number of signal bars that you get in the room when you try to detect your network.
  3. Are you connecting the 2.4GHz network or the  5GHz? By default, the WIFI name for the 5GHz network is similar to the 2.4GHz except for -5G in the end.

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