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outlook wont send email until Archer VR1600v is rebooted each time

Level 2

-outlook and all email addresses/provider used to work OK on adsl with old router

-since nbn and tpg Archer VR1600v I have to reboot router to send e-mail.note receive mail is ok.

-error from outlook is cant login to server - solved for a few minutes each router reboot


to narrow down problem I disconnected from tpg network and connected to 4G wireless hotspot. this works well and no issues.  revert to tpg network and problem re-appears.


therefore I deduce it is a router issue.


Help please?





Hi Manly2095,

Welcome to TPG Community,

I  believe DNS may be an issue here  so try to change  a different DNS to see if that helps Changing DNS for Windows 10

1. Windows Logo

2. Type network

3. Select Network Status

4. Click on change adapter settings

5. Right Click on the adapter you use to connect to the Internet and select Properties

6. Left click on Internet Protocol Version 4

7. Click Properties

8. Enter the IP address for either Google DNS or TPG DNS

Click OK and test again. If you are still having an issue then check for routing issues





Level 2

Hi support thanks for quick response however I tried this and no joy (including pc reboot just in case).