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Can i choose which NBN technology is installed at my house?

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Just wondering im in a NBN FTTN area and im wondering if its possible to get fibre all the way to the house (NBN FTTP) instead. Ive heard some bad things about FTTN and am willing to pay to get it done. Not sure if this is a TPG thing or a NBN thing.

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Mate! @Optimus


I've asked that question before and was told that it is not possible as the NBN Co. only provide the available service in the area (FTTN/FTTP/HFC/Fixed wireless/FTTB).


That's from any RSP's/ISP's, BUT check this out:

AND this


In the discussion, they talked about the TC (Technology Choice) prog of NBN and was given some quotation to change their current service to FTTP.


Try to visit NBN website:

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You can apply to NBN to get a technology switch, but as far as I'm aware there's a $660 fee just to have a quote done, and then the quoted amount is generally in the high '000s based on distance from the nearest node.


Not a bargain at all.

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It is easy to get NBN to change the technology used in your area, all you need is to have the support of the majority of the people in your area and massive amounts of cash.