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Can i go back to ADSL2+ from NBN?

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Hi, since being connected to NBN, my speed is lower than i was getting on ADSL2+ & im getting dropouts on my connection randomly...


I was 'Guaranteed' during signup that the NBN connection would be 'Faster' & 'More stable'.. I never had issues with my ADSL2+ & now regret switching over...


Hi @burner,


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My apologies about the trouble you've been experiencing with your new NBN service. I was able to check your connection history and from what I can tell, your connection was dropping out between June 8-9. However, it seems like the connection has already stabilized and that your service has been stable for more than a day already.


Let me know if you're still having difficulty with the service.


As for switching back to ADSL, I'm afraid it's no longer possible. Once an area has been declared as NBN serviceable, customers can only sign up for NBN service. As for customers who are currently on ADSL, they will have to switch sooner or later because the copper line will be decommissioned at a certain time.