Case Managers?

Level 2
I've gone through all the customer channels possible, and they all lead to being disconnected. Every chance i get to explain the situation; is just met with "transferring you to a Case Manager that is available right now".. then being disconnected or left waiting in a chat for literally 4 hours with nothing at the end. I've called, and been transfered to an automated message saying to go online, then hung up on or immediately hung up on. But everytime I've gotten onto someone, it's someone from billing that can't help.. even though i clicked through to the moving house channel.

Where do i actually go to find out, why my internet hasn't been connected to my new house?

Your customer support channels are grossly mislabeled or the staff deligated to those channels are wildly unaware of their responsibilities at this time.

Hi @Chocbo 

Thanks for your enquiry!

Here are some guides to help you through the relocation process.
And you can also use the new TPG APP -