Level 2

Technician attended the appointment and still could not connect us to NBN! I have been advised that incorrect technician team has been booked. The booking should have been with the Civil Team. On top of that, I am not suppose pay for the trench to be dug! The pit is NOT within my boundary/property and TPG should have arrange for NBN’s Civil team to dig and install the conduit and cable! I have raised this issue (refer to my past emails) as I was told the same by the last technician from NBN and TPG had insisted that I am responsible for the trench to be dug! I am now out of pocket $1,200 because of engaging a private contractor to dig the trench! The NBN technician had raised the issue with both NBN and TPG on his visit today and advised that I should request for reimbursement! The installation is now DELAYED ONCE AGAIN! I am working from home and I have been relying on my mobile data and I have pay extra for sufficient data to complete my work. The technician has booked with NBN Civil team directly and advised that usually it MAY take 48 hours but could be longer. Once Civil team completed their part, the technician will have to return to active the service. This is getting ridiculous ! Month after Month of wait and there is still no clear view to when I can be connected. I am utterly upset with this nonsense. I need immediate assistance and I would like a call from management, please. This issue needs to be resolved ASAP!