Level 2

I have sent several emails, continously tried to chat and even complained via FB but no luck in getting my request ASAP. I am moving already next week and NOBODY has responded to any request via chat  support and even on email despite getting an auto reply on all of them stating that somebody was going to get back to me witin 24 hours...
After a couple of days trying to be in the waiting queu of over 300+ ppl, I was finally able to get a hold of someone but lacked knowledge of the products and services in Australia. I had to explain and ask the question repeatedly but she was hopeless. When I complained in FB, they actually responded the next day and then called 2 days later. That guy FINALLY answered my question. I asked if they provide a fiber optic connection into my new area as I have requested moving home. In the newly built estate, they don't provide any older internet type. Anyways, I had told the customer service that if that is the case, can you please cancel my request and plan as you are unable to provide the service then? He told me that someone from a different department will call me back to my request. OMG! It's been a couple of days already and NOTHING! I had tried chatting with someone yesterday to again request to cancel my plan but he tells me that he is going to transfer me to the right person.... I waited for over an hour and nobody responded back to me. I tried to refresh and chat again and this time, nobody at all chatted back yesterday. 

I understand that there's a calamity around the world and all these lock downs is making it difficult. These services are a must and should be addressed in an orderly manner as customers are still paying! It's hard enough not being able to call but even worse is when you have a hopelss so called chat support.
TPG is also a big company which everyone is expecting a lot better from your response / chat team. How ironic that tpg is an internet provider but there's not enough staffs to answer and help out with queries online.
There's not even a disconnection option in the menu like other companies. Better off of us doing it ourselves rather than requesting / trying to get a hold of your staff.