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Do I need to buy an ATA adapter for my phone, utilising NBN VOIP?

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I have a Panasonic cordless phone, its new, but although it gets a dialtone with my newly installed NBN setup all i get is a long, constant high pitched beep, so i cant make calls. Do I require some kind of adapter? Or do i just need to wait for TPG to finalise porting the phone system over?




Hi @ncf1,

We've confirmed that the porting of your home phone number has been completed today. You're no longer required to use any adapter for the VoIP service to work; ensure that your Wireless Handset's base phone is properly connected with the Phone 1 port of the modem/router. If the high pitched beep noise is still occurring; we recommend to try a normal handset for comparative testing


Let us know how it will go.



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Thanks Shane, I tried the phone, then a different older phone, got the same high pitched sound. Tried phone line 2, same thing happened.  Then tried reset both NBN and router via the little hole in their backs, waited 30 mins and everything now working ok! Now just have to get the message bank working as the woman says the number isnt recognized.  


But that was the solution for me, to put toothpick in the reset holes of both NBN and Router, hold for about 15 seconds, worked a charm.


Cheers and thanks,



You're welcome @ncf1!


Thanks for sharing these helpful troubleshooting tips. For any queries in the future do not hesitate to create a thread here in our community.