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Extremely Dissatisfied with TPG Service for NBN Installation

Level 2

I have been trying to get an NBN connection to my new house for 5 months, I am extremely tired of TPG's incompetence and inability to sort this out. The first appointment was scheduled last December, but I have had to repeatedly reschedule because the technicians do not show up.


I was hoping to have NBN connected before moving houses, but that did not happen. Now I am living in the house with no phone or internet, it was extremely inconvenient. I am thinking of going with another ISP.




We're sorry to know that you're having issues with the service installation and we apologise for the inconvenience this delay is causing you@trenthou.


We have located the account using your community details.


We can see that a technician went out yesterday, but was unable to complete the installation due to the weather condition.


We have escalated this to our Provisioning Team to fast track the resolution and a case manager will contact you within 24 hours to further discuss the matter.


Should you have a preferred contact number and time, please send it via PM. Thank you.


Hi @trenthou


Our records show that the NBN technician was able to complete the installation today. Furthermore, your modem is already connected to our server for more than 3 hours.


Let me know if you need further assistance.



Level 2

I have attempted to connect to the TPG NBN service 15 times using equipment supplied by them. At no point has this service functioned.

I have connected and reconnected the equipment according to the supplied literature.

I have connected and reconnected the equipment according to the endless number of videos that I am entreated to watch.

I have connected and reconnected the equipment according to the information on TPG webpages.

I have been guided through the connection process by a TPG call centre worker.

I have contacted TPG on at least 8 occasions. I have been put on hold for approx 3 hours during those attempts. I have been disconnected twice after waiting on hold for lengthy periods. I have been apologised to approx 12 times by lovely people who appear to live in Mombai and who have NO POWER whatsoever to facilitate any improvement in my situation.

Some while ago I was informed by TPG's automated process that I clearly did not want the NBN service and that I have therefore decided to cancel it. You may imagine my joy.

On Monday 25th May 2020 I spoke to the latest resident of the sub-continent, who, again, was a lovely person towards whom I bear no malice. After recounting my tale of woe for the pumpteenth time this chap promised to connect me directly to his manager, who would be able to assist me. And then he passed me on directly onto HOLD.

I am a reasonably tolerant and patient person (evidenced by the fact that I am still waiting after 4 months to get this service) but after waiting for 1 HOUR on hold I gave up. 
I spoke of my misadventures to a representative of Vodafone who immediately offered the thought that the wireless modem may be faulty. This is something I have suggested to TPG myself and this gentleman from Vodafone offered me more information in that moment than I have ever received from TPG. 

I do not anticipate any positive outcome for myself from writing this message but I hope to dissuade any further unfortunates from joining this sub-par service. 
As an addendum I will mention that I have, up until this point, been a very satisfied customer of TPG ADSL for the past 5 years but their indifference? Incompetence? Incapacity? to supply NBN services has left me incredibly saddened and disappointed. 
I shall be informing friends, family and others to avoid this network whenever the topic of NBN providers arises.


G Thompson