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FTTB internet stopped working

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tbw Level 1a
Level 1a
Internet connection has suddenly stopped. Internet light not on but all others on modem working as usual. Have tried several resets, connecting via ethernet etc. No changes to settings. Connection has been down for 24 hours now.

Hi @tbw,


Can you let us know what is the modem/router's light status? I run inital tests and it shown no connection to our server. Send me a private message with your best contact number and preferred time. We will arrange one of our Technicians to call you for further tests and investigation.


Cheers! Smiley Happy

tbw Level 1a
Level 1a

Thanks @Shane,


Light status:

Power - on, constant

WAN - on, constant

Internet - off (although flashes a few times every couple of minutes)

WLAN - on, flashing

All others off.


I've also noticed that the wall outlet is a larger port than the dsl cable (also fits an ethernet I think) - although I had the dsl plugged into this port and internet was working previously.


Will private message contact details. 


Thanks for sending me your details, @tbw.


I will arrange one of our Technicians to contact your given contact details as soon as possible.


I will keep an eye on this and provide you updates time to time.


I will get back to you shortly.




Hi @tbw,


Based on test result there's a possible line issue causing the internet not to work.


This case has been escalated to our Engineering Team for further investigation.


Assessment usually takes 24-48hrs and update will be provided by the Assigned Engineer to this case.


We're looking forward to have this fix as soon as possible.


Let us know if should you require further assistance.


Cheers! Smiley Happy