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hi currently we have NBN connected to a modem then connected to a TP-link VR1600v router and now we have a Google mesh wifi connected to that TP-link router to give us a wider wifi and it's working well. But I know that Google Mesh has PPPoE which means we should be able to remove the TP-link router from the equation and just have the Google mesh connected straight to the NBN modem but I'm unable to get the internet to connect to the Google Mesh.

I have set up the correct username and password on the google mesh.


any idea?

thank you




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Hi @michaelkarzon59 I don't believe that any of the current Google Wi-Fi devices support VLAN tagging so you won't be able to use it as your routing device for your TPG NBN service. It may become available with future firmware versions from Google.

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I have just recieved my Archer VR1600V from TPG and have spent hours trying to get my Google wifi mesh working. Yours is the first post I have read that sounds like you have the mesh working?


I can get the primary wifi point working but the mesh setup fails everytime. I have the Google wifi setup in the DMZ on the Archer, I also have DHCP disabled on the Archer. Any info you have on your setup or the process you followed would be greatly appreciated.