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Home phone not ringing with incoming call after NBN connection

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Had NBN connection completed yesterday and after 30 minutes on phone to TPG help had internet up & running after setting changes somewhere. Received email from TPG saying they couldn't detect a phone line connection so back onto phone to TPG help. More setting changes somewhere and I now have a phone that can ring out but no ringing with incoming calls.

TPG help said I needed to ring Telstra to be reconnected so that TPG could complete the porting process. Telstra said TPG should be contacting them to sort out the mess. I agree with Telstra !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sick of the run around and am very quickly losing patience with Mr TPG.

Can someone please suggest a cure.


Hi @wabax


Welcome to the Community!


My apologies for the confusion. I was able to check your account using your community details and based on the information that I have, the porting is still in progress.


Porting may take 1-5 business days to be completed, which starts the day after the NBN service is installed. Since your service was installed on March 27, we're expecting it to be completed on or before the end of the business day on April 3.


Don't cancel your home phone account yet with Telstra until the porting process is successfully completed.




Good news @wabax!


Your home phone number has been successfully ported.



Level 2

Thank you Will,

This wouldn't have been an issue at all if I had not been led astray by the first TPG support person I spoke to about the email they sent me asking me to contact them re home phone.


You're welcome, wabax. And I'm sorry again for the confusion about the porting process. I'm glad that incoming phone calls are now working.


Don't hesitate to visit us should you need our assistance again.