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TPG processes a request for “NBN Moving Home” and guess what they are moving the connection from where we are living to the same address!!!!!!!!!!!!!


They sent me an email saying they have received a request which was sent to them 4 months back. Which they had already processed it and we have been using TPG service for the last 4 months at the new residence. I responded to that email and indicated that I had not made any such requests recently. I was sent a new modem and charged 132$!!!!!!!!!!! And to our horror because of all these goof-ups by their staff our internet is disconnected and since last Friday. On chat, one team tosses us to another and another and the circle continues. After all these, we tried the phone and the cycle continues …. As we type this we are still on a call which has just clocked 2.5 hours on wait!!!!!!!!


Imagine our situation like most parts of the world we are working from home and my NBN doesn’t work!!! We had to but service from Telstra and use it which has limited internet on it and we will soon run out.

Please refer to this chat today (Masking personal details) just to support my point. Will share all other chat logs on social media and also write to ACCC

And they don’t even allow the chat transcript to be emailed to yourself (function exists, doesn’t work though) to cover up for the inefficiencies


faceKBNInternet disconnected

account_boxTPG Customer ServicePlease wait as we connect you to a customer service agent


My customer number is *******

account_boxTPG Customer ServiceAll of our Chat Support team members are currently assisting other customers. Please enter your query while you wait and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

account_boxAprilHi, this is April from tpg Customer Service. I apologize that your internet got disconnected. Let me help help you.

Let me check your account first

faceKBNHi April

Sure, please do

account_boxAprilBefore we proceed, for your security and privacy, can you please verify the following?

- Name of Account Holder as it appears on the TPG account
- Service Address
- Date of birth





Our former address was ***

The reason i say that is i was told my the agent i spoke to that there was an error with the address on the system and hence our internet was disconnected


account_boxAprilWhat is the exact name on your tpg account?

faceKBNmy full name is ***** on your records

account_boxAprilThank you. And I believe I’m speaking with the account holder, KBN.

faceKBNYes you are

account_boxAprilHave you talked to someone from the relocation team regarding your address?

faceKBNI' have spoken to few of them not sure which team they are from

Everyone says you need to speak to another team

and we are left stranded without internet

for the last 5 days

account_boxAprilI understand. And apologize for that. But let me check my other options here.

faceKBNSure, Thanks

account_boxAprilHi KBN, I can see here that you’ve spoken to one of our customer specialist. Here’s a thing. To update your address, I will connect you to our relocation team for further assistance.

Is there anything else aside from the relocation?

faceKBNIs there any way i can escalate this issue?

Its been 5 days and i keep being tossed around from one team to another

Its not against you hope you understand

Its the problem im facing

account_boxAprilI will connect you now to them KBN. They will help you changing your address.


account_boxAprilI understand and I really do apologize for that.


How do process a cancellation for the service?


account_boxAprilLet me connect you to them now. Thanks for contacting tpg Customer Service. Stay safe!

faceKBNI have been charges 132$ <SHE DOESNT want to chat any more>

Hi Ruby

account_boxRubyThis is Ruby how can I help you

faceKBNDo you have access to the conversation i have had with the previous agent?


to understand if i need to type from the beginning


account_boxRubySorry but we only have limited access

faceKBNNo probelm

account_boxRubyMay I know how can I assist you ?

faceKBNWill paste it

My internet is disconnected

The reason i say that is i was told my the agent i spoke to that there was an error with the address on the system and hence our internet was disconnected

account_boxRubyIs that for moving of address or plan change

faceKBNWe havent moved anywhere

there has been an error from TPG

account_boxRubySorry but I can check

can i have your username or customer number

faceKBNWe have been in the current address ie ***

does that help?

account_boxRubyPlease give me time to check

faceKBNSure, Thanks

account_boxRubyIt appears that you did the relocation online

and it has been installed right away today

faceKBNNo Ruby

This is going to be lengthy

let me type it please bear with me

We were living ** till nov 2019.We were with TPG then. We moved to the new house we currently live in *** in Nov 2019 and we transferred our connection to this residence with TPG

We received a mail 2 weeks ago saying that we have made a request to change house, which we havent. I even email TPG about it

Received a new modem last week and our internet was disconnected on 27th Fri

The last agent i spoke to on Fri looked up our account and told us there was an error

the new address which is noted is the address we are currently living in from Nov 2019

So there is no way we could have moved into a house where we already live and TPG is the provider for us

Hope this helps

account_boxRubySorry but since this is post relocation I can transfer you to customer care

faceKBNYou are the 6 agent who is transferring this is testing my patience

never opt for a service which is not serviced in Australia

Thanks ..., i will take it to Customer court


will paste all these log on social media




We are sorry to know about what happened and we sincerely apologise for the trouble this has caused you, knat.


We can see that your concern has been escalated to our Complaints Resolution and the Complaints Resolution Case manager has been in touch today.


The team is closely monitoring your case and will contact you for any additional updates.


Should you need immediate assistance, you can contact the Complaints Resolution Case Manager directly via return mail.