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I'm sick of waiting for service to be installed.

Level 2
Dear TPG.
I am not impressed with your disgusting service!! We've all been waiting since 1pm for the Technician to show up as per the email below!
This is outrageous, it's been a never ending headache ever since I signed up for TPG to get my services installed, I really don't care what your excuse is, I demand 3months worth of free internet or else don't bother installing the NBN because I'm so over your Companies lies.
What makes it worse is that no one is answering their phones on the 131423 contact number and they refer you to an online support person who doesn't even care and half the time isn't even there. I personally don't see why you cannot answer your phones, everyone else can.
I'm just disgusted and fed up with your useless Service. Can someone please forward this to whoever the Executive person is at TPG  as an official complaint...



My records shows that your request has been received, we will advice you about the progress the request.