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I urgently need to speak with someone from TPG to cancel my NBN 'Order'

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Hi all,


This is my last resort. I originally spoke with TPG just prior to COVID-19 really effecting us all and requested for my ADSL service at my old address to be canceled, and an NBN service to be active at my new house. The TPG representative confirmed everything over the phone and said a router/modem package would be sent out.


I never received any kind of order confirmation  -  No emails, no texts, no mail, no nothing  (Well, actually I received some marketing material mail asking me to switch to NBN...),  and of course, no modem/router package. 


Since then I've tried phoning  3 times (Once waiting for 5 hours only to be hung up on in  20 seconds) and have been hung up on every time, except once when I was sent to the wrong department and they transferred me to the right department, and never picked up. 


I have emailed TPG complaints email, and a few other address of theres, with no reply. I  also emailed requesting all my TPG services be disconnected.  


This has been  going on for a month and I need internet to work from my new house (Temporarily got mobile broadband, but unfortunately reception is horrific here and it is slow beyond use). 


I have since signed up to superloop with Australian support - They are trying to connect the NBN here, but apparently TPG are holding a port (Not active, just waiting) which they need to cancel  in order for superloop  to  activate our NBN line.


Can anyone help me contact someone who will cancel my account / allow me to be connected with another supplier?  Hell, i'll even re-sign up with TPG if someone actually speaks with me and takes action! 


Thanks in advance for any advice,



Level 2

I have contacted the Internet ombudsman service so hopefully a senior team member from TPG can actually handle this.

Level 2

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