Installation cancelled??

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Good morning,
I have over the last few weeks been in contact with TPG on numerous occasions and receive quite conflicting information.
We have received an NBN bundle, but I had to buy a new cord myself to connect with the modem, and then it also turned out our modem wasn't compatible to the NBN box. I talked to customer service and they said they would send a new modem and that I would receive a notification when I could connect. Now however I received the below message in an email- however I have NOT requested to cancel this service and now it appears we don't have any wifi at all.

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to activate the NBN connection to
your premises, because the installation has been requested to be cancelled.

Please help me as I'm getting a bit frustrated. Could someone from customer service please call me or can someone please let me know what is happening and why the installation has been requested to be cancelled?

Thanks very much,
Maja (5109234)

Hi @Majamo,


I have requested for our provisioning team to investigate, and someone will give you a call back later on today with an update.