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Installation complete but not working

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Hi there,


I have been using TPG NBN (FTTP) since 2018, and it had been working fine until about 2 months ago I received a phone call from TPG saying that my Location ID had to be reassigned to a new customer to TPG and my service had to be relocated. I was told that this would be done remotely and there would be no major disruptions to my internet connection. However, it's been almost 4 weeks since my internet got cut off and it still hasn't been properly relocated and installed again.


I have been following up via phone calls and online chats many, many times in the past few weeks and been redirected across different teams from tech support to engineers to service delivery. Today I finally received an SMS saying my installation is complete. But when I connected my modem to the NBN box the internet light remains red and it's not working. I got another SMS and an email later both saying "Your NBN service is installed but we can't see you online". I tried the installation checker and the installation appears to be still in progress. Why would I get conflicting messages? Is there something wrong with the activation of my service?