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Installation not progressing

Level 2

I have received an email confirmation from TPG on 26 March 2020 that my NBN service is due to be activated in 2 working days. It has now passed 2 working days and I am not receiving any updates.

I have been checking the "installation status checker" and the status is just not changing.

I tried to call customer service, which only gives an automated message and hangs up my call automatically.

I tried to use your chat service but it simply rejects me by saying "Our team members are currently serving other customers. We appreciate your patience. Please try again later." I have been trying every hour or so everyday, but it never seems to work.

Can someone please provide me with an update as to where my installation is at?

You have already charged the initial monthly fee and the set up fee up front, yet there is absolutely no customer service being provided. I understand the current situation with the COVID-19 is causing this disruption, but as a service provider, this is still not acceptable. It is your corporate responsibility to make necessary arrangements to still choose to provide services during this time. If you thought you can't provide the promised service, then you should not have registered and opened a new account.

Please let me have an update or resolve the above issues ASAP. Otherwise I will have to switch to another provide shortly and request a refund.